Amiga Classix 2, CD
    The CD contains the following games !
  • Action:
    Ace the Space Case, Alien Bash 2, Astrokid, Blitz Bombers, Bomb Mania, Brutal Homicide, Brutal Homicide 2, Calippo, Charly the Merc, Cyberman, Die, Dithell in Space, Dithell's Wonderland, Dynamite Warriors, Evil Insects 2, Fire Power, Helicopter Mission, Hideous, Hot Air, Intense, Intense 2, James Bond, Knights, Macho Killers, Marietto, Master Blaster, Mostares 2, Muhtar, No Man's Land, Ork Attack, Plat Man, Puggles, Rage, Revenge, Santa and Rudolph, Snoisnemid, Sound the Space Cadet, Superball, Super Bubble Remix, Super Obliteration, Teddy, Traitor, Turtleminator, Wheelbarrow Simulator, Wingnuts, Wizards of Odd Wolfpac, Zombie Apocalypse 2

  • Adventure:
    Backstage, Beneath a steel sky, Bifi - Snack Zone, Bifi 2 - Action in Hollywood, Bloodfest, Castle of Doom, Child Murderer, Dragonslayer, Dungeon Hero, Evil Tower, Island of lost hope, Legend of the Elves, Lord of Alcandria, Lost on Parrot Island, Madhouse, The Adventures of Maddog Williams, Moria, Muscarine - or Erica's Trip, No Mercy 99, Skyworker, Space Trebulations, Telekommando 2, Thrallbound, Victor Loomes, Zerg

  • Arcade:
    Amiganoid, Aztec Challenge, Bagitman, Bandit Mania, Bondmine 12, Brik Fighter, Bruce Lee, Charon 5, Darts 501, Deluxe Pacman, Denver Duk, Diamond Caves, Diamond Caves 2, Donkey Kong, Drip, Dropzone, Dual Paint, Emerald Dash, Flash Flood, Frantic Freddie, Gringos, High Noon, Hyper Drive, Jouster 3, Lactose Intolerance, Mad Bomber 2, Maniacball, Maze Man, Megafruit, Missile Command, Monster Maze, Overlander, Pacman 96, Patience, Pengo, Play Pac, Poing 6, Polataa 5, Popcorn, Pucman Worlds, Reel Skill, Skiddy Things, Sneech, Space Taxi 3, Sproing!, Superballz, Technology 2, The Winning Post, Torch 2081, Trailblazer, Willy Worm, Wormout 2097, Yeti

  • Beat 'em Up:
    Art of breaking heads, Barravento, E-Swat, Fighting Warriors, Mortal Kumquat 3, The Legend of the Exploding Fist, Troop Jugernort

  • Platform:
    Aunt Arctic Adventure, Banana Islands, Billy Burglar, Bounce, Crazy Sue, Crazy Sue 2, Cross Country, Diamond Challenge, Dr. Strange, Fayoh, Fayoh 2, Furball, Hoi AGA Remix, Kick It, Klawz the Cat, Labyrinth 2, Monster Business, Obstickle, Phuk the World, Rise of the Rabbits, Rise of the Rabbits 2, Roach Motel, Sony Game, Super Bob Dylan, Super Orange Man, Tony and his friends in Kellogs Land, Top Hat Willy, Tricky Quicky Games, Wibble World Giddy, Wizio, Wiz 2

  • Puzzle:
    6tris, Amiga Crossword Deluxe, AmiWale, Ants, Atoms, Boat, Challenge of the Matrix, Coin Mania, Connect 4, Doktor, Donkey II, Dragon Cave, Dr. Mario, Gardening, GemZ, George and the repton clone, Giger Tetris, Hirnriss, Imperial, Infection, Jazznic, Knotty, Marry AM Pic, Minefield, Minehunter Deluxe, Ohm, Pacomix 2, Panic, Petris, Pop Up, Premier Picks, Puzzo Mania, Quid, Same Game, Seahaven 2000, Solition, Tetras, Tetris Pro, Think A Mania, Tile Fall, Toobz, WB Perplexity, Workaholic

  • Racing:, Aerial Racers, Battle Trucks, Dream Cars, High Octane, Internal Combustion, Knockout 2, Leading Lap, Moose Drive, Racing Maniacs, Road to Hell, Spod Racer, Turbo Challenge

  • Shoot 'em Up:
    Amoeba Invaders, Arazmax, Assimiliation, Asteroids 2, A-Type, Botss 3, Bratwurst, Croins, Cybernetix, Deluxe Galaga, Fatal Mission 2, Fire Fly, Fire Wall, Ground Wars, Invaders, Invaders 2, Kelly X, Lethal Xcess, Liberator, Motorola Invaders 2, Offence, Outliner, Pee Bee, Poweroids, Roton, Space Invasion, Space War, Spectrum, Starbirds, TMA, Total Excess, Turbo Raketti 2, Trubo Thrust, Waponez, Witness, Xenex, Young Defender, Zaxxon, Ziriax

  • Sport:
    Karamalz Cup, Mr. Men Olympics, Ricochet, Roll or Die, Seven Tiles, Tie-break

  • Strategy:
    Air Warrior, Ampu, CG Risk, Conquest Remix, Fantasy Forces, Federation, Frontal Assault, Global Thermonuclear Warfare, Hannibal, HB Monopoly, Hilt - Against the Hoardes, Hilt 2, Lords of War, Ports of Call, Scorched Tanks, Siege of the Beast, Space M.A.X., Tanx, Task Force, Ufo Enemy Unclothed
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