Amiga Classix 3, CD
    The CD contains the following games !
  • Action:
    Duck Dodgers, Embryo, Explosive Chaos, G.Nius, Kikstart, Nanofly, Paws'n'Claws, Rags, Rattlesnake, Spaceball 2000, Super Obliteration, Toadies,

  • Adventure:
    Beneath a Steel Sky, Black Sect, Epsilon 9, Experiment, In the Dead of Night, Lethal Formula, Lord of Alcandria 3, Lure of the Temptress, Maupiti Island, Mortville Manor, Sixth Sense Investigations, Starbase 13, The Lost Prince, Zut Alors 2

  • Arcade:
    A Break in Duo, Bubble Stones 2, Bug Splat, Dr.Who, Frogger, Kid Pool, Llamatron, Megaball 4, Obsession Pinball, Pharaohs Curse, Poing 5, Pork A Pork, Q-Bic, Snack Man, Vermone 2, Wire Chaos

  • Platform:
    Crazy Sue, Death is on the way, Fatman, Monty the Wolf

  • Puzzle:
    Ball Master, Battle Othello, Bloog, Boppin, Go Moku, Guess Stress, Hang Mister, Hit Puzzle, Hit Tiles 2 Special Edition, Logic, Mahjong, Mega Motion, Memory 95, Mine Seeker, Monster Mind, Ooze, Pure Brain, Rome, Shuffle 3, Simon 2001, Spider, Stones, Strateq, The Plubz, Tritus

  • Shoot'em'up:
    Amega Race, Behind the Iron Gate, Crossfire, Fatal Mission, Galactic, Hyperion, Metagalactic Llamas, Microbes, Outzone, R3, Realm of Maiyessae, Revenge of the Mutant Camels, Shoot Out 2, Space Vaders, Speed Break, Total Chaos City 2, Transplant, Underwater Capers, Yagg, Zarathrusta, Ziriax

  • Sport:
    Battle Cars, Der Trainer, Formula 1 Manager, High Octane, Super Drive, Tactical Manager, Tactical Manager 2, The Race, Virtual Karting 2, Vroom, Wheelspin, Xtreme Racing

  • Strategy:
    Battle Duel, Battle Ships, Blade, Chaos, Crystal Dragon, Der Seelenturm, Evil, Legion, Nukes R Us, Risk, Tanglewood, Tower of Souls
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