C64 Classix CD

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C64 Classix, CD


Welcome to a trip into C64 retro gaming !

- Denna cd innehåller 520 fullversioner av klassiska Commodore 64 spel.

- This cd contains 520 full versions of classic Commodore 64 games.

The CD contains the following games !

 Action - 100 games

1942					Jungle Patrol 
2001					Katakis 
360 Arm					Kiss Me 
Airwolf 				Laser Zone 
Airwolf					Last Battle 
Airwolf II 				Lincoln 
Anarchy 				Lobster Attack 
Ancipital				Lost Robot 
Atlantis				M.A.C.H.
Attack of the Mutant Camels		Mama Llama 
Battlefield				Matrix 
Beyond the Ice Palace			Metagalactic Llamas 
Blaster					Metal Gear 
Boom					Najemnik - Powrot
Canals of Mars, The			Najemnik (Mercenary) 
Caverns of Xydraphur			NeaGox 
Zarjaz					Out of Deep 
Cyborg 2900				Psycastria 
Cybotron				Rage 
Dan Cooper				Raid 
Danger Drive				Raptor 
Dead Ringer				Return of the Mutant Camels 
Death or Glory				Revenge of the Mutant Camels 
Deneb					Rox 64 
Di-Art - Moebius II			Rubicon 
Echo Hawk				Samurai Trilogy 
Enforcer				Save Satellits 
Farstar					Sentinel 
Felix					Sheep in Space 
Fighter Jet				Shot Away 
Fire Storm				Skramble 
First Strike				Solid Africa 
Fly Pig					Source of Light 
Gandalf the Sorcerer			Space Harrier 
Ghosts'n Goblins			Space Warrior 
Great Gurianos				Spitfire 
Green Star				Storm Warrior 
Gremlins II - The new Batch		Sub Burner
Gridrunner				ThunderCats 
Gun City				Tiger Hell 
Hellfire				Toadforce 
Hellgate				Turrican 
Hercules - Slayer of the Damned		Turrican 2 
Hermetic				Twin Cobra 
House Case				Twin Cobra II 
Hyperrace				Twin Russian 
Cyber World				Voidrunner 
Ikari Warriors II			Walker 
Illgen					Wanderer 
Iridis Alpha				Mindbender

 Adventure - 77 games

0 Grad Nord				Magische Steine 
Adventureland				Mission 1 - Project Volcano 
Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai, The	Mission 2 - Project Gibraltar 
Arrow of Death - Part 1			Mission Impossible 
Arrow of Death - Part 2			Mysterious Adventures I 
Art of China				Mysterious Adventures II 
Atalan					Mystery Fun House 
Barney Brown - Chicago Connection	Operation Neptun 
Black Knight, The			Paddington and the Disappearing Ink 
Paranoia Complex			Paddington's Early Visit 
Circus					Perseus & Andromeda 
Citadel of Chaos, The			Pirate Adventure 
Cohan's Land				Pirate Treasure
Count, The				Professor Brock 
Crime Time (Deutsch)			Pyramid of Doom 
Crime Time (English)			Robin of Sherwood
Das Schwarze Schloss			Savage Island 
Das Schwert Skar			Savage Island Part II 
Der kleine Hobbit			Schiffsreise 
Dimension 4 - Editor			Schwert und Magie 1 
Dimension 4 - The Ludwig Mystify	Schwert und Magie 2 
Escape from Pulsar 7			Schwert und Magie 3 
Feasibility Experiment			Schwert und Magie 4 
Flucht im 20. Jahrhundert		Scott Adams Adventure Pack 
Forest of Doom, The			Search for Dracula's Tomb, The 
Ghost Town				Secret Mission 
Golden Baten, The			Small Town Mission 
Golden Voyage				Sorcerer of Claymorgue Castle 
Gordon Saga				Strange Odyssey 
Gremlins - Das Abenteuer		Stämp 
Gremlins - The Adventure		Super Gran - The Adventure 
Hollywood				Ten Little Indians 
Ingrid's Back				Time Machine, The 
Invaders of the Lost Tomb		Verlies 
Kriegsunglueck				Voodoo Castle 
Kunst aus China				Waxworks 
Land of Magic Monarchy, The		Wizard of Akyrz, The 
Logan, Part 1				Yawn, The 
Lords of Doom

 Arcade - 106 games

Ace					Jet Power Jack 
Astronauts, The				Jewel Raiders 
Ballmania				Jump Boy 
Ballz					Kokotoni Wilf 
Batalyx					Labyrinth 
Bath Time				Let's Bounce 
Batty					Limes & Napoleon 
Block-Out				Snacks 4 Snakes 
Bomb Jack				Loco 
Bomb Jack II				Madness 
Bomber					Marble Mania 
Bomb-Hunt				Master Digger 
Bounzy					Maze Hunter 
Boxy					Melonmania 
Bubbles					Mighty Bomb Jack 
California Goldrush			Morphicle - The Transforming Car 
Camelot					Neue Abenteuer von Pac-Man 
Captron					Oby 1 
Cataball				Omega Run, The 
Catastrophes				Omidar 
Centric					On Ice 
Chuckie Egg				Paperboy 
Cleanup Service				Pax
Cleanup Time				Planet of War  
Codebreaker				Poing (Italian) 
Complex					PSB Game 
Cool Mif 2, The				Psychedelia 
Crazy Pharaoh				Quadranoid 
Crazy Tom				Raddish-One 
Cubis					Raddish-Two 
Cyclones				Ritter 
Dark Way, The				Ronald Rubberduck 
Dead Zone				Runaway
Deadly Rain				Scarab 
Diving Max				Scarabaeus 
Donald the Hero				Scooby Doo 
Duell					Serpentine 
Duotris					Skywalker, The 
Eater					Slimer 
Fall Guy, The				Speed 
Firebird				Spheron 
Frogger					Stone-Age Comic 
Fruity					Stroke World 
Fungus					Su Sweet 
Galactic Drivers 2			Syncro 
Goldfever				Syncro 2 
Goldtransport				Sysiphus 
High Memory				Twinky Goes Hiking 
Hoppin' Mad				Velocipede 
Hover Bovver				Velocipede 2 
Insect Defense				Walkerz 
Interview				Wedding Taxi 
It's Magic				Willhlm Tell

 Sport - 37 games

007 Car Chase				I Play 3D Soccer 
500cc Motomanager			I Play 3D Tennis 
911 Tiger Shark				I Play Football Champ 
Biathlon				Italy '90 Soccer 
Big Game Fishing			LA 1984 
Bike-Ride				Outrun '93 
Bocce					Overlander 
Boxing Champion				Ozling 
Buggy Boy				Ring Master 
Campionato di Calcio			Road Course 
Car Race				Simulgolf 
Championship Sprint			Ski Jumping 
Dukes of Hazzard			Space Academy 
Elektra Glide				Super Hang-On 
F1 Manager				Supertrux 
Formula 1 3D - F1 Manager 2		Surf City 
Frank Bruno's Boxing			Topcross 
GP Tennis Manager			World Championship Soccer 
Holiday Games

 Strategy & Mind - 47 games

A Question of Sport			Krieg um die Krone 
Battle of Rome				Leonardo 
Battle Ships				Manager 
Belagerung				Mars Projekt, Das 
Belagerung 2				Mike Read's Computer Pop Quiz 
Brain Artifice				Minefields 
Cascade					Mähle 
Cat and Mouse				New Jump, The 
Coplin Flight Simulator			Nimm Spiel 
Crazy News				Nova 
Deluxe-Quadromania			Nova 2 
Deutsches Afrika Korps			Operation Merkur 
Exis - The Planet far away		Rock Paper Shear 
Fall of Rome, The			Schere Stein Papier 
Geometric 2				Shopping AG 
Glider Pilot				Solix 
Grfx-Jump				Sterne wie Staub 
Hazar					Successors of the Throne 
Hopper					Tombola 
Imperium Romanum			Top Hat Men 
Inherits of the Throne			Warlord 
Jump					Yuppie's Revenge (Deutsch) 
Kampf der Genies			Yuppie's Revenge (English)

 Special -  153 games
(tribute to Richard Bayliss, probably the most active C64
  games programmer during the last years.)

Abducted				Millennium Shblib 
Advanced Coloured			Missile Blasta 
Adventures of a Lifetime		Missile Busters 
Air Ball				Missile Busters 2 
Anger					Moon Madness 
Ants at War				Multiplay 
Armageddon 2000				Music Match 
Arrow Busters				Music Match 2 
Arrrgh!					Narrow Line 
Balloonacy				Ninja Task 
Balls and Ghosts			Ninja Task 2 
Banana Dash				Novaload 
Bathroom Chaos				Nyaaaah!2003 
Biblet Basher				Orchan - Legend of the Realm 
Black 'n White				Ouch!
Blap 'em Out				Ouch!2 
Blast Fest				Perplexion 
Bomb Chase				Pigland 
Bounce Mania				Platform Mania 
Camels in Space				Poing 
Capture 2				Power Blade
Cetimiex				Power Surge 
Cherry Dash				Psycho 
City Crisis				Pub Fighter 
City Crisis 2				Pudding Breath 
Cloops					QM 
Coloured				River Racers 
Coloured 2				Road Cop 
Coloured 3				Road Hogs 
Coloured Deluxe				Road Police 
Cowpat Frisbee				Robo Raid 
Crazy Adventure				Robot 
Crush					Rogue the Dog 
Defuzion				Running Biblets 
Defuzion 2				Sector 2 
Defuzion 3				Sector 5 
Disk Busters				Sharkz 
Dogstar, The				Sharkz 2 
Dots					Shblib 
Drop Down				Shblib and Cheese 
Dunking Time				Shblibe, Cheese and Clouds 
Eat Yer Pants				Sliggy on Patrol 
Egg Catcher				Sliggy S.O.S. 
E-Quake					Slugs 
Escape from Stank			Smash 4k 
Extreme Force				Snodge's Water Caper 
Fiddly Fish				Snowball Caper 2 
Fluff					Space Invadedhuhs 
For Speed we Need			Splidge's Snowball Caper 
Framed					Squibblies 
Freespace 2075				Squibblies 2 
Froggy goes splatt			Squish 
Frogs and Motorways			Star Blazers 
Frogs and Motorways 2			Stealth 4 
Galaxys					Super Galaxys Duel 
Gift Craze				Super Nyaaaah! 96 
Globs					Super Pac Twins 
Gravity					Super Seven 
Gravity 2				Super Space Invaders 
Gravity 3				Switch It 
Grid Zone				Target-X 
G-Zone					Target-X 2 
Heavy Metal Deluxe			Tarkus 
Heavy Metal Solid			Teeth 
Hypadrop 				Thunderblast Arena 
Hysterix				Tomb of Dracula, The - Reloaded 
International Skoda Racing 'n Bashin 	Tossa 
International Skoda Racing 'n Bashin 2	Total Destruction 
Ker-Splat				Trekky 
Kersplatt!				Universal Blasta Duel 
Law Enforcer				Wash Out 
Lunch					Whizzy 
Lunch Time				Wormaround 
Magyk					Yeaaaarg! 
Mega Poing				Zariaros 
Mega Strike				Zynax 3
C64 Classix
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