Simon the Sorcerer II
Genre: - Cartoonadventure
Format: - Mac and Amiga

Instead of telling you a boring story about Simons first adventure in a world full of magic and strange inhabitants, we will have you listening to Simon talking to his psychiatrist right after the first game was completed:

Doc: Okay, once again from the very start: You have been magically transported to anouther world? Simon: Teleported, Doc. Doc: But do a different world? Simon: I think, it was a different dimension. Doc: I see, I see. And there were dwarfs and gabliins? Simon: Don`t forget the dragon. Doc: And, if I understood you right, woodlouses? Simon: No, Doc. That were talking woodworms. There was also a woman that was transformed to a pig. Doc: Well, well, we heard this all before. You also said there were lots of Sorcerers and a talking tree? Simon: Yes, and I was a sorcerer too, and I had to rescue Calypso, who is also a sorcerer, from Sordid, who himself is a sorcerer too. But he was evil. Doc: Okay okay, So there were two sorcerers. Simon: Actually three. Did I mention the demons? Doc: You did, you did. You also mentioned a small green guy, who was always cooking a very tasty soup. Simon: And in the end I trew Sordid into the lava. Doc: And then, all was fine? Simon: You do not believe a word I say, do you...? Doc: Of course I do. I hear these kind of stories all the time. Here is a very nice jacket just for you. It will keep you warm. And I will order some vacation for you in a very nice asyl...hotel.

  • 80 + locations
  • about 100 charcters to interact with
  • meet many weird and crazy characters such as the swampling
  • full spoken dialogues (speech in english, german and italian subtitles)
  • easy to use point&click interface
  • hundreds of Sound FX
  • more than 50.000 frames of animation
  • handdrawn charcters and backrounds play in window mode or full screen
    System requirements
  • Mac: - PPC Mac 200 MHz, 32 MB RAM, OS 8.x, 9.x or OSX, 4xCD ROM
  • Amiga: - AGA or GFX Card Amiga, 68030+ or PPC (even Pegasos) with 16 MB RAM and OS 3.x, 4xCD ROM
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