Genre: - Casual game
Format: - Mac

Toysight is set of cool games and toys to play using your iSight™ or similar firewire camera. Using a system of object and motion detection to track your position, Toysight allows you to control buttons, sliders and perform gestures on the screen, putting you right in the action!

Marble Factory:
Aliens have invaded the marble factory and are dropping into the marble sorter on the newly made marbles. Change the colour of the laser to match that of the aliens to zap them off the marbles before they take over the factory! On later levels you'll have to combine the laser colours to match the alien colours!

Submarine Battle:
Fight against the computer or another human opponent in Submarine Battle. Move your arm up and down in the slider bar to aim your missiles and try to sink the other submarine!

The Plank:
Lift each end of the plank to tilt it left and right . The marbles falling from the top of the screen will roll along the plank and you can try and make rows of matching marbles to score points and get rid of the marbles. If there's too much weight on the plank it will collapse, so get tilting!

    ToySight Games Included
  • Submarine Battle
  • The Plank
  • Marble Factory
  • FreeFall
  • Volcano God
  • The Owl & The Pussycat
  • Toy Wars
  • Pie Sight
  • Tennis Xtreme
  • Plus Toys!
    System requirements
  • Mac: - G3/400 or higher, OS X, 256 MB RAM, iSight or other Firewire Camera.
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