Digital Memories, DVD, volume 1

The Best of Commodore 64
Digital Memories is a selection of the best demos for the Commodore 64. An exciting retrospective trip through virtual worlds full of effects, bleeps and pixels that is truly multimedia of the generation #1.

The spreading of pirated software in the pioneer days of home computing soon spawned the first digital youth culture. Crackers, as they were called, would compete to produce the quickest »crack« of a game. And the best way to gain the appropriate fame and notoriety for this feat was to add an »intro« to the game, showing off their nickname and group name. These intros got spread along with these games at schools everywhere throughout the 80s. They were often works of art in themselves, and it wasn't unusual for the intro to be better than the game it preceded. They often required enormous programming skills and audiovisual talent. Intros led to a new independent digital artform pushed by competition: the demoscene.

Demos are music videos without dancers, with no sets and no camera. Instead, demos generated realtime calculated animations created by specialists in programming, graphics and sound, pushing the computer to its very limits - and often making the impossible possible, even on classic computers like the Commodore 64, where demos pushed the computer harder than the games. They also borrowed the best music of the genre, often turning an unremarkable game tune into a classic in the process.

»Digital Memories« is a selection of the best demos. An exciting retrospective trip through virtual worlds full of effects, bleeps and pixels that is truly multimedia for the 1st digital generation.

Index - Run time 167 minutes
Crest Deus Ex Machina 2000
Fairlight Boogie Factor 2005
React The Last Reactor III 1998
Panoramic Designs That's the Wave it is 1991
Reflex Nine 1996
Booze Design Cycle 2004
Megastyle Seal of Focalor 1992
Taboo Altered States 1994
Oxyron Parts 1995
Spirit Tales of Mystery 1993
Camelot Tower Power 1993
Ash&Dave Electric Cafe 1987
Blackmail Dutch Breeze 1991
Smash Designs Triage 3 1998
Origo Elysion 1992
Byterapers Unsound Minds 1996

Rob Hubbard Ace II 1988
Fred Gray Batman 1988
Rob Hubbard Commando 1985
Jeroen Tel Cybernoid 2 1991
Chris Hülsbeck Great Giana Sisters 1987
Jens-Christian Huus Hawaii 1990
Rob Hubbard International Karate 1986
Last Ninja 3 Reyn Ouwehand 1991
Jeroen Tel Myth 1989
Peter Clarke Ocean Loader 1987
Martin Galway Rambo - First Blood Part 2 1993
Johannes Bjerregaard Stormlord
Rob Hubbard Warhawk 1986
Martin Galway Wizball 1987

  • Graphic Show: over 140 scene graphics
  • Musicbox: 14 hits by C64 sound artists
  • Games: Turrican 3, Crush, Metal Warrior 4, It's Magic
  • Easter Eggs: 8 hidden surprises
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