MindCandy, DVD

This is the story of the PC demoscene

Born in the European computer underground, demos are a product of extreme programming and self expression. From the earliest PC's to today's fast machines, sceners make demos for one reason: because they can.

This disc is the result of over two years of planning and hard work by a lot of people involved.

Sit back and prepare for enlightenment. Free your mind and let us take you on a journey of colorful visual expressions, eclectic music and animated objects from a different world. A world of "demos," originating from the European computer underground and created by talented programmers, artists and musicians. The MindCandy DVD contains forty-two (42) of these brief animated music videos, providing a modern day look and historical perspective all created using a PC.

    Special features:
  • Two sided disc, totalling nearly four (4) hours of video footage!
  • Audio commentary on all demos
  • Digitally remastered soundtracks
  • 12-page full color booklet
  • Animated chapter menus
  • Original menu music from demoscene artists
  • Hidden demos and other "easter eggs"
  • The featurette
    • A 16-minute documentary film, created exclusively for MindCandy Volume 1: PC Demos by Blue 7 Media
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