Cooler Master Musketeer2, silver

    Product specifications
  • Direct connection with the 12V DC Power socket
  • Dimensions; 165 x 145 x 42.3mm
  • Requires only one 5.25" drive bay
  • No software required, easy to install
  • Both Right/Left sound meters are designed with adjustment function to cater to your needs for sound effects
  • HDD Meter indicates the speed hard disk is processing
  • Reflective LED display with seven colors, including; red, blue, green, yellow, light blue, purple, white and flashing colors
  • VU (CH-L) Display Meter: -20 - +3dB
  • VU (CH-R) Display Meter: -20 - +3dB
  • Sound pressure: -20 - +3dB (up to the input level of the sound card)
  • Available in silver and black cover
Designed for Life
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