Buddha Flash

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Buddha Flash

Buddha Flash är IDE-kontroller som passar alla Amigor med zorrokortplats, A2000, 3000, 4000 och A1200 med zorroexpansionskort. Mjukvara medföljer.

Buddha Flash IDE controler for all Amiga computers with zorro-connector, A2000, 3000, 4000 and A1200 with zorroexpansion. Software included.
Buddha Flash, 20 Year Anniversary Edition

  1. Product information

  • 20 Year Anniversary Edition
  • Autoboot from Kickstart V1.3, 2.0 and 3.1
  • Two IDE-Ports for up to four IDE-devices
  • Compatible with nearly every IDE/Atapi devices:
    • Harddisks
    • DOM modules (40-pin)
    • Industrial-CF cards (with Adapter, not included)
    • Atapi CD-Roms (any speed)
    • Atapi CD-changer
    • Syquest removable media
    • LS120 (the 120MB-floppy, so-called "a-drive")
    • IDE ZIP drives
    • Atapi CD-Writer (with MakeCD)
  • Autoboot from IDE-ZIP or LS120
  • 1 clockport to use with for instance Silver Surfer, RapidRoad USB or other cards for the clockport (Note: RTC module can not be used with this clockport)
  1. Included in package

  • Buddha Flash, 20 Year Anniversary Edition
  • Software on 128MByte DiskOnModule
  • Instructions

The IDE-timing of the Buddha controller is software-configurable: This way, you can even operate very old IDE devices on the Buddha (mode 0 devices). This feature is unique on the Amiga-market!

High speed: Even with slow harddisks like the Quantum Bigfoot, transfer rates of more than 2.2 MBytes per second can be reached. The raw data transfer rate is only limited by the zorro bus: 3.58 MBytes per second.

The drivers are written by Elaborate Bytes. You get the whole IDE-package from Elaborate Bytes: Cache CD Filesystem, Harddisk autopark, CD-Changer drivers and the CD-32 emulator (AGA chipset only). Harddisks are formatted using the HDToolbox of your workbench.

Harddisks larger than 4 GBytes have been a problem for the Amiga for a very long time. The Buddha also solves this problem: It supports the "TD64" commands, so large harddisks are no problem any longer.

For your convenience when changing over to the Buddha controller without loss of data, the Buddha can use Amiga-formatted drives right after connection without having to re-format the harddisk. Other controllers can only mount harddisks that have been formatted by an A1200 or an A4000, but the Buddha even mounts GVP or AT-Apollo formatted harddisks after running a conversion program. You don't have to backup the harddisk for that - the drive is being converted without loss of data!

Please notice:
- RTC module can not be used on the clockport of the Buddha controller - this is because it uses a different chip select than the Amiga OS expects for the RTC.
- UDMA cables cannot be used with this controller. Valid HTML 4.01 Strict

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