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Shopping online at GGS-Data

Here follows some information about shopping with us.


All prices is always given in SEK incl VAT. To obtain the price without VAT, you can multiply the price with 0,8.
You can choose to see prices in some different currencies. Please note that this is only aimed for giving you an estimation of the price in the choosen currency. Exchange rates changes on daily/timely basis, and exchange rates in our shop may not be updated likely often. When you place an order in another currency then SEK, a calculation with at that time actual exchange rate will be made.
Here is also an easy money converter for you to use:
Money converter

And here some notes for customers from outside Sweden.
- If you order from within EU, you normally pay the price incl VAT.
- If you order from outside EU, you pay the price without VAT. Note, that taxes might be added in your country.

How much cost the shipping ?

Inside Sweden, and also to many other countries, we normally use the Swedish postal service. Shippingcost depends on bulkiness, weight and the value of the goods. We will always try to find the best, most suitable and priceworthy way to send.
Inside Sweden we normally send COD. When ordering from outside Sweden, goods is needed to be payed for in advance, and we will send the goods as soon payment is confirmed. Suitable ways for payment are: ordinary international IBAN bank-transfer or PayPal transfer.

IBAN: When using international IBAN bank-transfer, there is no bankfee added from us when SEK or EUR is used for the transfer. Inside EU the bankfee is very low and close to zero, when IBAN bank-transfer in combination with EUR is used for the transfer. If IBAN number not is used, or a not correct IBAN number is given, or EUR not is used for the transfer, the transfer might be refused and returned to the sender.

PayPal: When using PayPal, there is a PayPal bankfee of 4% that will be added to the total amount. If You prefer to use PayPal we will send You a PayPal moneyrequest by email which includes information about how to make the payment.

Credit Card: In combination with PayPal as payment method it is possible to use any Credit Card for the payment. Instructions is included with the Paypal moneyrequest. Please note, the holder-company of Your Credit Card might charge a fee each time the Credit Card is used.

We will always confirm that the product you would like to order is in stock and reserve it for you, before we can accept any payment.
- Normally, all products listed on our website is in stock.

Delivery time

We will always handle your order immediately, and shipping time within Europe is normally 2-4 working days, for over seas, 4-5 days. If the product happens to be out of stock, we will inform you about this immediately. And we also always inform you when the goods have been sent. If you have wishes about especially express delivery, you are very welcome to tell.

When the goods have been sent, you will recieve confirmation from us including tracking number and you can then follow the package from our web site.
If you for instance have wishes about how you want the shipment to be sent, you are very welcome with any requests, by email or by phone, when you are about to make the order. If you do place the order using our shop system, you will always receive a confirmation by email, and its o.k to answer to that, if there is anything you would like to inform us about in relation to the order.
Please note; We will not accept to send valuable goods as letterpost. Thats both for your and our security.

We use three different symbols for indicating availability of products.
in stock= in stock : The product is in stock for immediate delivery.
out of stock= out of stock : The product is temporary out of stock.
on request= on request : The product is available on Your request, count on some delivery time.

Some products are marked with the designation : "New !". The aim is to indicate that the product is new in our assortment.
Some product can also be marked with some other note, where the aim is to try highlight whats written in the note. It might be something we think might be worth considering related to the specific product. It may also be that we have made some change related to the product that we want to try to illustrate more clearly.


Normally all goods is delivered with a warranty upon twelve months, if the manufacturer of the product does not have other conditions, in which case we make this evident.
This is not valid for software, or for goods announced in our 'sell-out corner', 'fyndhörna', where special conditions for each product are valid.

How do I make a compliant about a faulty product ?

If, against our assumption, any problem should occur you can let us know by email or by phone. A form for contact purpose can be find in the left column.

If you regret your purchase

At all sales we do entrust us to the Consumer Agency's recommendations.

You can read information regarding your rights as a consumer at Konsumentverkets homepage - Link: Konsumentverket - KO - Konsumenthjälp -.

- GGS-Data reserves the right to repurchase at a fee for wear or damage caused to the equipment when the equipment is used.
- When it comes to software that is bound to a license GGS-Data cannot repurchase the software because of license technical reasons.
- Repayment from repurchases is made with payment method which entails mandatory identification check.

Our recommendation is that you contact us for discussion regarding what relates complaints, withdrawal and/or replacement.

What is cookies ?

Our shop system uses cookies for creating a temporary database about products you put into or take out from the shopping basket.

Cookies used is temporary, so called session-cookies, eg they only exist during your actual session, and will not be saved to your computer or anywhere else. No other information is created, then just the information about what you put into the basket or take out or change during your actual session. To use the shop system, you need to have acceptance of temporary cookies enabled in your browser, otherwise the shopping system doesn't work and can not be used.

Vhat does the law says about cookies ?

Section 18, Chapter 6 of the Electronic Communications Act says:

Electronic communication networks may be used to store or gain access to information that is stored in the subscriber's or user's terminal equipment only if the subscriber or user receives information from the controller of personal data about the purpose of the processing and is given an opportunity to impede such processing.

Our address information

Korsklevegatan 30
418 72 Gothenburg

Telephone: +46-(0)31-644350
Fax: +46-(0)70-3857724
Mobile telephone: +46-(0)70-3104761

Organisation registration number: 580512-5191
VAT registration number: SE580512519101
EORI number: SE5805125191

Our bank information

Domestic information:
Plusgiro: 4241600-8
Bankgiro: 5375-1152
Account holder: GGS-Data
International information:
Nordea Bank Sweden
105 71 Stockholm
IBAN: SE4395000099602642416008
Account holder: GGS-Data

More questions & answers ?

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have. You can use our form, or phone, and so perhaps you will even give us a reason to up date this information.

Welcome to try us !

And finally, we want to wish you very welcome to try us. We hope to be able to offer you good service, and most of all, good products that you will come to appreciate for a long time.
Welcome to have a look around our pages.

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