Freax, The Art Album

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Freax The Art Album


About the book

The brief history of the computer demoscene !

This companion volume to Freax - the Brief History of the Demoscene contains an extensive visual collection of the best computer graphics originating in the underground computer art scene. This collection contains many pieces created on screen using traditional graphic applications, as well as several hand-drawn floppy disk covers, some special underground comics, and a selection of colorful ANSI graphics. By browsing this Freax Art Album you'll catch a marginal glimpse of the methods and styles of digital artists working on different platforms, including: Commodore 64 - Amiga - Atari - ZX spectrum - IBM PC. For a more detailed view of this world, read the full Freax series. Look for the updated and improved edituion of Volume 1 in the fall of 2006, and Volume 2 scheduled for publication around summer 2007.
Freax The Art Album

  1. The Album contains:

  • Commodore 64 graphics
  • Amiga OCS and AGA graphics
  • ZX Spectrum graphics
  • Atari ST and Falcon graphics
  • Amstrad CPC graphics
  • PC ANSI and ASCII graphics
  • PC 8-bit oldschool graphics
  • PC 24-bit newschool graphics
  • Raytraced pictures
  • Handdrawn Commodore 64 disk covers
  • The infamous 'Cracker Comics' from the '80s by Hobbit of Fairlight.
A 286 page collection of demoscene graphics, in full color - that makes about 1600 pieces of demoscene art!

The editors of the Art Album are:
David Vigh a.k.a Grass of CDi
Tamás Polgár a.k.a Tomcat of Madwizards

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Freax The Art Album Freax The Art Album Freax The Art Album Freax The Art Album
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