Freax, book by Tamás Polgár (a.k.a Tomcat of Madwizards)

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Freax, book


About the book

The biggest book ever written about the history of the computer demoscene !

The 365 page book contains the complete history of the Commodore 64 and the Amiga, both the machines and the underground subcultures around them, from the cracker-warez scene to the demoscene, from hacking and phreaking to the ASCII art scene. Illustrated with 483 color photos and screenshots, this is the comprehensive guide to the once glorious world of these old computers, probably bringing up a couple of memories from your teen or childhood years. Interviews with scene celebrities, former key persons of the computer industry, citations from contemporary magazines and fanzines make the the narrative history of the big adventure complete. What was behind the scenes is now revealed.

Freax Book This book is stopping a gap. While the world of computers and electronics advances in a stunning pace, few care the history of this development. One can barely see old computers in museums, and only a few books are written about their history. Those few are usually only focusing on the hallsized monstrums of the fifties or the sixties and they get somehow by the home computer revolution of the eighties, the once well known and popular brands, Commodore, Atari, Sinclair Amiga and other microcomputers.

This book covers more than twenty years that have passed since the end of the seventies, the introduction of the trusted, friendly old 8-bit computers to the instabile world of tinboxed gigahertzes of the millenium. But the primary goal is not just to introduce and analyze different pieces of computers. This book guides you to the hardly tangible, hidden subculture, never described in reference manuals. There is an extensive underground subculture behind the "official" history of computing, which started as the gangland of software piracy in the eighties, and developed into a fantastic international electronic art community to our present days, blanketing practically all European countries. This book traces the phenomenon called the demoscene and unfolds its history, traditions and heritage as deep as never seen before.

Learn what were those funny little frontend animations appearing before your Commodore 64 games long time ago. Who superadded them to the games and why? Learn how the so-called demos, the haute ecole of visual programming art are made. Get a glance of the atmosphereof demoparties, attracting thousands of visitors Europe-wide. Read the language of the graffiti of computing, understand the mentality of people doing it on different brands of computers. Understand why PC's are not working as they are supposed to, and why Bill Gates is so hellbent on eradicating open source software. Light will be shed on the real self of true hackers and you'll also see why the media is too dumb to understand them.

Mysterious, adventures and curiosities are garnered in this book, recommended for anyone interested in computing and accepting that the world is sometimes not what it seems to be. Recommended for anyone who has an old computer collecting dust on the shelf, and for those who just wish they had one.

Skriven av:

Tamás Polgár
365 sidor, illustrerad, häftad (A5-storlek 210x148 mm, vikt 600g)
Språk - engelska
ISBN: 978-3-9810494-0-4

Written by:

Tamás Polgár
365 pages, illustrated, paperback (A5 size 210x148 mm, weight 600g)
Language - english
ISBN: 978-3-9810494-0-4

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