The Official Ubuntu Book, 9th Edition

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The Official Ubuntu Book, 9th Edition


About the book

Written by expert leading Ubuntu community members, this book covers all you need to know to make the most of Ubuntu, whether you're a home user, small business user, server administrator, or programmer. Its expert authors focus on what you need to know most about installation, applications, media, administration, software applications, and much more. You'll discover powerful Unity desktop improvements that make Ubuntu even friendlier and more convenient. You'll also connect with the amazing Ubuntu community and the incredible resources it offers you.

The Official Ubuntu Book 9th Edition The free Ubuntu operating system has won the hearts and minds of millions of users worldwide. It combines a strong technical platform, impressive quality, and an enthusiastic global community of users who relentlessly support, document, and test it.

  1. Features:

  1. Everything Ubuntu users need to know to make the most of the brand-new version of Ubuntu - from installation through desktop and server capabilities
  2. Complete coverage of Unity, the default desktop for LTS Ubuntu 16.04
  3. Power users will quickly feel confident in their abilities to use, help and contribute to Ubuntu
  1. The Official Ubuntu Book, Ninth Edition

    , has been extensively updated with a single goal: to make running today's Ubuntu even more pleasant and productive for you. It's the ideal one-stop knowledge source for Ubuntu novices, those upgrading from older versions or other Linux distributions, and anyone moving toward power-user status.
  1. Learn how to reliably install, customize, and update Ubuntu for any home, business, school, or government environment
  2. Learn how to get up and running quickly, and then explore Ubuntu and download powerful free software
  3. Customize Ubuntu for performance, accessibility, and fun
  4. Get comfortable with the highly efficient Ubuntu command line
  5. Install, administer, and secure Ubuntu Server, including advanced features such as LVM and RAID
  6. Get involved with related Ubuntu projects
  7. Help build, promote, distribute, support, document, or translate Ubuntu
  8. Get up-to-the-minute help and troubleshooting advice from Ubuntu users worldwide
This book includes an accompanying DVD that includes the complete Ubuntu Linux operating system for PC platforms, complete with today’s amazingly intuitive Unity desktop. Three separate preconfigured images are provided, so you can install and customize Ubuntu for practically any desktop or server environment. .

The book is co-authored by:

Matthew Helmke, Elizabeth K. Joseph, Jose Antonio Rey
Foreword by Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Ubuntu

Some praise for The Official Ubuntu Book:

  1. The Official Ubuntu Book is a great way to get you started with Ubuntu, giving you enough information to be productive without overloading you
    - John Stevenson - DZone book reviewer
  2. OUB is one of the best books I've seen for beginners
    - Bill Blinn - TechByter Worldwide
  3. This book is the perfect companion for users new to Linux and Ubuntu. It covers the basics in a concise and well-organized manner. General use is covered separately from troubleshooting and error-handling, making the book well-suited both for the beginner as well as the user that needs extended help
    - Thomas Petrucha - Austria Ubuntu User Group
  4. I have recommended this book to several users who I instruct regularly on the use of Ubuntu. All of them have been satisfied with their purchase and have even been able to use it to help them in their journey along the way
    - Chris Crisafulli - Ubuntu LoCo Council, Florida Local Community Team
  5. This text demystifies a very powerful Linux operating system... In just a few weeks of having it, I've used it as a quick reference a half-dozen times, which saved me the time I would have spent scouring the Ubuntu forums online
    - Darren Frey - Member, Houston Local User Group

About Ubuntu

Ubuntu is a complete, free operating system that emphasizes community, support, and ease of use without compromising speed, power, or flexibility. It's Linux for human beings-designed for everyone from computer novices to experts. Ubuntu 16.04 LTS is the latest release - more powerful, more flexible, and friendlier than ever.

The Official Ubuntu Book, Ninth Edition

, will get you up and running quickly.

368 pages
9th Edition
Dimensions 7 X 9-1/8
ISBN-10: 0-13-451342-8
Valid HTML 4.01 Strict ISBN-13: 978-0-13-451342-3
Published in July 2016

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