The Official Ubuntu Book, Fifth Edition

About the book

Written by expert leading Ubuntu community members, this book covers all you need to know to make the most of Ubuntu 10.04, whether you're a home user, small business user, server administrator, or programmer. The authors explain Ubuntu 10.04 from start to finish: installation, configuration, desktop productivity, games, management, support, and much more. Among the many topics covered in this edition: Kubuntu, Ubuntu Netbook Edition and Ubuntu Server.

The Official Ubuntu Book Learn how to seamlessly install and customize Ubuntu for your home or small businesses. Its open source power can be used in schools, government, or by corporations, and is suitable for both desktop and server use. The Ubuntu community is built on the premise that software should be available free of charge, and that people should have the freedom to customize and alter their software in whatever way they see fit.

  1. The Official Ubuntu Book, Fifth Edition

    , covers standard desktop applications, from word processing, spreadsheets, Web browsing, e-mail, instant messaging, music, video, and games to software development, databases, and server applications. In addition, you will:
  1. Learn how to customize Ubuntu for home, small business, school, government, and enterprise environments
  2. Learn how to quickly update Ubuntu to accommodate new versions and upgraded or new applications
  3. Find up-to-the-minute troubleshooting advice from Ubuntu users worldwide from forums and other means to get the help you need quickly
  4. Learn Ubuntu Server installation and administration, including LVM and RAID implementation
  5. Learn how to install Ubuntu on a netbook
The DVD includes the complete Ubuntu Linux operating system for installation on PC platforms, The disk is preconfigured with an outstanding desktop environment for both home and business computing. It can be used to install other complete variants of Ubuntu including Kubuntu (with the KDE environment), Ubuntu Netbook Edition and Ubuntu Server.

The book is co-authored by:

Benjamin Mako Hill, Jono Bacon, Corey Burger, David J. Murphy, Peter Savage, Jonathan Jesse and Ivan Krstic.
Foreword by Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Ubuntu

Community Contributors:

Kyle Rankin, David Bolin, Tim Aretz, David Bain, Alan Barnad, David Clayton, Manu Cornet, Scott Dier, Kevin Goldstein, Oliver Grawet, Oskar Jönefors, Abhay Kumar, Keith Kyzivat, Jason Laprade, Freddy Martinez, Avinash Meetoo, Julien Rottenberg, Stephen Sandlin, Matej Smid, James Stanger, David Symons, Paul van Genderen, Jaldhar Vyas and Andrew Zajac.

About Ubuntu

Ubuntu is a complete, free operating system that emphasizes community, support, and ease of use without compromising speed, power, or flexibility. It's Linux for human beings-designed for everyone from computer novices to experts. Ubuntu 10.04 LTS is the latest release - more powerful, more flexible, and friendlier than ever.

The Official Ubuntu Book, Fifth Edition

, will get you up and running quickly.

448 pages
5th Edition
Dimensions 7 X 9-1/8
ISBN-10: 0-13-708130-8
Valid HTML 4.01 Strict ISBN-13: 978-0-13-708130-1
Published in June 2010

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