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We sell computer cases of high quality. Our goal is that the case should give a nice impression and in the same sentence be easy to work with and practical to use. Cases we announce fulfill these demands.

Desktop - HTPC

Amiga=Amiga C64/128=C64/128 Linux=Linux Mac=Mac MorphOS=MorphOS Windows=Windows in stock=in stock out of stock=out of stock on request=on request
You can read more information and technical specifications for each product through the link 'Read product information'. All cases is delivered including screw set for mounting of harddrives, motherboard and other parts.
Intel® Technology Provider Gold Partner 2016 All prices is given including VAT. For getting the price excluding VAT, multiply the price with 0.8. Please, note you need to have cookies enabled in your browser for being able to use the shop system.
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