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- (13.3" Full HD IPS) - Intel Mobile Whiskey Lake-U - Intel Core i5 Quad-Core Mobile alt Intel Core i7 Quad-Core Mobile - Intel® UHD Graphics 620
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GGS-Data MobiNote N130ZU-8565

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1.80 GHz (4.60 GHz) Core™ i7-8565U, 8192MB HyperX DDR4 2400MHz, 120GB Kingston M.2 SATA Solid-State Drive, 13.3" Full HD IPS Panel (1920x1080), Gigabit LAN, WiFi 802.11ac/a/b/g/n, Bluetooth v5, 1.0M camera. Weight: 1.3 kg (with battery).
Operating system installed: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Desktop Edition (64-bit). (GGS-Data support).
2 year guarantee.

Can be delivered upgraded !
- This computer can be configured with HyperX NVMe M.2 SSD connected to PCI Express for best possible writing and reading performance.
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MobiNote N130ZU

Ubuntu 22.04 LTS
Ubuntu - edition 22.04 LTS (Long Term Support)

More and more people realise the advantages of using Ubuntu and Linux-based systems. We have a long history of working with Linux-based systems and our goal is to offer the most appealing computing environment available.

Ubuntu does offer the most well organized desktop environment You can find. As an example it includes an easy to use and well integrated software package management system and the software portfolio includes everything you need on a daily basis. Furthermore You can feel safe while reading your email correspondence or visiting web pages on the net.

We are very proud of being able to deliver Your computer pre-installed with Ubuntu and we spend a lot of time and effort to be able to offer You the absolutely best of what the free software world has to offer. With Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, the desktop have evolved even more and have become both more elegant as well as easier to use. To give you the option to use the Ubuntu system in the way that you feel is best for you, we have configured the system so that you from the login screen can choose to log into a default Ubuntu or a Gnome or a classic Gnome Ubuntu desktop environment. Using GGS-Data Media setup that we include with every installation, you can amongst other things easily install licenses protected decoding routines for various media formats. We also offer service and after sales support on the computer and the Ubuntu installation. Ubuntu is suitable for desktop as well as server use and you can trust us to always be available to help You in building a complete and safe computing environment.
You can feel safe with us !

Some new features in Ubuntu 22.04 LTS
- released 2022-04-21
Ubuntu and Linux advances quickly and Ubuntu 22.04 LTS (codename Jammy Jellyfish) has been improved in many ways. A lot of the included software have been updated, improved and enhanced, and several new features have been included together with improved security in general. Ubuntu 22.04 LTS will be supported for 5 years, on both the Desktop Edition and the Server Edition, and when the next edition is released you can upgrade to it for free.
  1. Follows is a short, but not complete, summary of new features added since the last edition with long term support.
  1. GNOME 42 desktop
    - GNOME 42 desktop comes with a lot of new improvements, both for the visual part as well as new functions. As for instance its now easy to take a screenshot of a chosen part of the screen.
  2. GNOME Tweaks
    - With Gnome Tweaks, you can easily set the associated color for any surface or field, such as folders, message fields, and other surfaces in your desktop environment.
  3. Firefox Snap
    - Firefox is now includes as a snap package.
  4. Wayland is now the standard
    - Ubuntu 22.04 LTS includes Wayland as default.
  5. Linux Kernel 5.17 and Linux Kernel 5.15 LTS
    - Ubuntu 22.04 LTS includes Linux Kernel 5.17.
  6. Access to Ubuntu Advantage
    - Ubuntu 22.04 LTS offer the desktop user access to Ubuntu Advantage.
  7. OpenSSL 3.0
    - OpenSSL 3.0 offer a lot improvements.
  8. Firefox 99
    - Ubuntu 22.04 LTS includes Firefox 99.
  9. LibreOffice 7.3
    - LibreOffice 7.3 is included.
  10. Thunderbird 91
    - Ubuntu 22.04 LTS includes Thunderbird 91.
  11. New wallpapers
    - Ubuntu 22.04 comes with a lot of new wallpapers.
  12. In relation to Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Server Edition there is also a lot of new features
  13. More about Ubuntu Desktop
    - Welcome to read more about news in Ubuntu Desktop through the link below.
  14. More about Ubuntu Server
    - Welcome to read more about news in Ubuntu Server through the link below.

Everything about Canonical Ubuntu 22.04 LTS: Canonical Ubuntu 22.04 LTS is released

And an offer: In relation with your purchase of Your PC we do give a 20% discount on - The Official Ubuntu Book. It means, You do pay SEK 230,- for the book instead of normally SEK 290,-. Send us a note in relation with Your order that You would like the book for the discounted price and get the most out of Your new computer platform.

The Swedish Ubuntu forum: Ubuntu - Sverige
Welcome to Linux for humans !

We deliver all MobiNote notebooks including a 2 year guarantee unless otherwise stated. For 4-cells battery 6 month guarantee.
You can engage us for service and after support.
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